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Security Deposit – Get It Back From Your Landlord!

Make Your Landlord Give Your Security Deposit Back. Is the security deposit Amount Legal? Is there a beginning and ending inventory checklist? Did the landlord meet his deadlines? First, the amount of the security deposit can't be more than 1.5 … [Read more]

Remove Your Payee! Learn How. Get Form SSA-11.

You have the right to receive your own Social Security check.  Get rid of your payee.  Show the Social Security Administration you can manage the benefits yourself. Break free from the chains or your payee! File SSA-11, answering questions 1, 3, 5, … [Read more]


The Scanner Law Still Exists! What's the main difference in the new scanner law and the old scanner law? How the price is advertised.  Sellers can now display the price in the store at the place where the item is located.  Individually marked … [Read more]

How Long Can I Collect Back Child Support?

Do you want to collect back child support?  Do you owe back child support? A lot of parents think that since the child turned 18, they don't owe anymore child support, but ... You can collect child support for 10 years from the date that the last … [Read more]

MAKE EASY MONEY Asserting Your Scanner Law Rights

A very frugal friend of mine told me that he rarely makes a trip to a certain retail and grocery super-center without the scanner incorrectly scanning one of his items.  He makes easy money asserting his Scanner Law rights. Here's the Scanner … [Read more]

Illegal Debt Collection Practices

What are illegal debt collection practices?  A frequent inquiry involves the question of creditors and what they can say to the debtor or to third parties about the debt they are trying to collect. More generally, the issue is what can they legally … [Read more]

Landlord-Tenant Law every Michigan Renter Should Know

Landlord and tenant / renter must be aware of the laws governing all aspects of the landlord and tenant relationship. The most important of these laws are: The Truth in Renting Act, MCL 554.631 to 641 The Landlord-Tenant Act, MCL 554.601 … [Read more]

Deadline for Filing Lawsuit – Statute of Limitation

The statute of limitation for a particular action is the time allowed by statute for bringing litigation on that particular subject matter. The various Michigan statutes of limitation are set forth below. For other states, consider searching the … [Read more]

Getting Sued for a Debt that is “Charged Off”

"CHARGED OFF" DOES NOT MEAN THE DEBT IS NO LONGER VALID If you have a delinquent debt, after some time it will show up on your credit report as "charged off".  A frequent inquiry is "what does this mean" and can I still be sued for it? "Charged … [Read more]

Public Utilities and Consumer Rights – Michigan

Did you know that Consumers Energy can transfer a debt from another consumer's account to yours and if payment is not made, a shut off notice will follow? What should you do you do in this situation? The public utilities are governed by several … [Read more]