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Renee C. Walsh


  1. I received a open container ticket because my friend had an open beer bottle which was empty in her car I was the passenger but the police officer still gave it to me. Do I need a lawyer? Does me having a criminal speeding ticket affect me even more?

    • Dear Laura:

      Sounds like a case in which you have a strong defense. If the bottle was empty, then there is no basis for the ticket. Furthermore, if it wasn’t yours, then argue that. The speeding ticket is not relevant to the charge and whether you have a defense for it. If you were my client, I would recommend disputing the charges. If you want to put off getting a lawyer, you can attend the first hearing on your own, try to work it out with the officer and/or prosecutor, and if you can’t then request a lawyer.

  2. Hi my name is Tirza and I’m 21. I have Tourettes Syndrome and OCD double trauma depression, high blood pressure, asthma and I’m on a cpap machine. I receive SSI and want to be my own payee. My mom said that I can’t call the SS office and tell them that I want this because she said i will ruin it? Can I call and ask them?

    • Dear Tirza:

      Absolutely you can. When a person wants to be their own payee this can be done. They certainly have a right to ask and doing so usually does not have negative consequences.

      The person making the request will have to prove that they can manage their own money. Attorneys caution clients who are borderline disabled in that they want to make sure that they don’t accidentally prove away their medical disability, (In other words being able to manage your money does not mean you no longer disabled by your conditions (such as Tourettes)) but it’s probably not a concern in your case.

  3. Hi, Renee. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I was born and raised in Michigan so I am familiar with the “10 times up to $5.00” scanner rule. Michigan Kroger and Meijer stores always followed that rule. I now live in Florida and Publix stores abides by that same rule. I thought that meant that Florida law was the same as Michigan law. However, a Florida Wal-Mart overcharged me the other day and when I brought the rule to their attention they said their store only refunds the initial overcharge. I spoke with the manager of cutomer service as well as the manager of the store and they refused to do the “10 times up to $5.00” scanner rule. I told them I would contact corporate but before I do I would like to know if they are telling the truth. Is it truly up to the store’s discretion?