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Dollar General: Possible Scanner Law Violations

A consumer at DOLLAR GENERAL recently informed me that “DOLLAR GENERAL IS NOTORIOUS” for scanner law violations.  When he asks for his price difference and bonus under the Michigan Shopper Reform and Modernization Act, “Scanner Law”, they put up a fight.

To all who shop at DOLLAR GENERAL and are overcharged, inform customer service that you were overcharged and ask if they want your contact information.  Leave it at that and wait the two days – then contact .

Consumers do not have any obligation to inform the retailer that they must provide a bounty.  The only obligation the consumer has is to notify the seller that the price charged is more than the price displayed.  See MCL 445.319(2).  Once notified (in person or in writing), the seller has two days to pay up.  The law does not require that the buyer provide their name, however, practically speaking, if the buyer does offer their name, it negates the seller’s argument that they did not pay because they did not have the buyer’s contact information.

Take detailed notes about the event.  Then, notify LawRefs’ lead attorney, Renee Walsh at , and she will help you collect an easy $250.00.


  1. I went to a place similar to AutoZone and the guy charged me $45 for one bulb. I went online and the same bulbs are for less than $10. What should I do? I need my money back.

    • Dear Tracy:

      If you were overcharged from the displayed price at the store, then this is a scanner law violation and I can help you. If the online ad does not state that it is “in-store only” or other qualifying language, then I probably can help you. If you want a price match from the online ad to the in-store purchase price, just go back to the store and tell them that you do and ask them to honor the online price. If they won’t, then ask to return the item.