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Employment / Background Check Scam – “Chad Smith” on Craig’s List

This economy is difficult enough without predators taking advantage of those who are looking for employment. Watch out for employment scams!I have become aware of predator con-artist “Chad Smith”. Mr. Smith recently posted an advertisement for a position as a health care assistant on Craig’s List. I know personally a victim from the Lansing area who went to an interview and paid $10.00 upon Chad Smith’s request so that he could run a background check on the candidate. This predator requested and received hundreds of resumes. He set up 10 minute interviews with the candidates receiving $10.00 each and learning confidential and personal information about the victims. See for more information about this particular scam artist.

Investigate the employer before they learn identity information about you. Ask for their name, address and phone number. Physically drive by the place of employment. If they hold themselves out as a business, research them at the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth’s website where they should have a business license, a D.B.A., or other corporate filing. If they request money from you for a background check, tell them that you will be glad to reimburse the expense or that you will procure the records or arrange for them to be sent directly to the potential employer. The lesson in this is to be extremely sensitive about giving out personal and confidential information to anyone, even if they hold themselves out as a potential employer.


  1. They ask for a $75 Background Check Fee from a third party. You must pay in money order and they don’t give you a solid business location – they only say it’s nationwide. They will even text you and say they are on the BBB site, but I even called and they are not there.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear Ricky:

    If you still need my help, email me at with an updated status of your situation.

  3. I was sent a check in the mail off the internet and deposited the check into my account. I was arrested and charged with uttering and publishing. I am facing habitual sentence enhancement. I have a pretrial tomorrow and a public defender who wants me to make a deal.