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Attorney Renee C. Walsh

Hard to Police What Goes on in Foster Homes

Report: N.J. spent approximately $51.7 million on 317 child neglect and abuse lawsuits

NJ spent approximately $517 million on 317 child neglect and abuse lawsuits and still, there is little hope that the massive expense really made a difference because it’s too hard to police what really goes on in foster homes. Abused children should sue the system that fails them.

New Jersey settled the following lawsuits:

$800,000 settlement after 21-month old died in a foster home

$4.5 million settlement after 17-year-old boy sexually abused by a foster parent when he was age six

$600,000 settlement after 17-year-old girl sexually abused by her foster father beginning at the age of seven

$12.5 million settlement to four brothers, starved and beaten by their foster mother


  1. Yet, they will turn down a home like ours for fostering because we have casement windows in a basement where the child won’t even be. Husband a retired NYC Police Officer, and me a stay at home mom that raised two wonderful boys (Both adopted by us – privately). One boy honors and sports and the other in college, neither ever in trouble. Here is our home. NJ DYFS fails children. They license people like this, and return children back to their drug infested squalor, but turn down a home like ours because we will not spend thousands of dollars to change windows in a basement.