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Attorney Renee C. Walsh


To Renee Walsh:

I am writing to you about the answer you provided me today regarding my lease termination & the extra penalty fees my apartment complex was trying to charge me. I took the answer you posted on the website to the management to argue the point that my lease does not state anything about “market value” price and paying those extra penalties. The complex admitted that the lease should have stated that price but did not due to an error on their end. They fixed my lease termination paperwork and now they’re only charging me the two months rent which is what was stated in the original lease.

Because of your help, you saved me over $1600 in extra fees that I may have had to pay had I not received your guidance! I can’t thank you enough for that and I plan to give a glowing review because of it!

Janel Webster


  1. Thank you so much Renee for your prompt response to my question concerning the security deposit. It is so wonderful what you offer on this website. Your site helps people understand so much about Michigan Landlord/Tenant laws. I truly appreciate your answers and help.