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Bankruptcy and Land Contract Forfeiture

Inquiry: What does a land contract vendor (seller) do when he has served an eviction notice upon the buyer for non-payment of rent, and the vendee … [Read more...]

Bankruptcy – Discussion of the process, including documents to be filed, law of exemptions, creditors rights

The bankruptcy process: Title 11 of the U.S. Code, Chapter 7 provides for automatic appointment of a trustee who will liquidate all of the debtor’s … [Read more...]

Bankruptcy – How People Use the System

Representing clients in bankruptcy, I see how the system is used and am amazed at what I assess. Bankruptcy petitioners know how to use the system to … [Read more...]

Some Bankruptcy Considerations

Only file for bankruptcy if your credit card and other dischargeable debt exceeds the value of your nonexempt assets (e.g., cash, bank accounts, tax … [Read more...]