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How Long Can I Collect Back Child Support?

Do you want to collect back child support?  Do you owe back child support? A lot of parents think that since the child turned 18, they don't owe … [Read more...]

Illegal Debt Collection Practices

What are illegal debt collection practices?  A frequent inquiry involves the question of creditors and what they can say to the debtor or to third … [Read more...]

Dealing With Debt Collectors – “Accord and Satisfaction” or “Payment in Full”

There is a way to control how debt collectors communicate with you and at the same time, lay a foundation for a reduced settlement or an "accord and … [Read more...]


Find the Michigan statutory law on garnishment and attachment at MCL 600.4001 et seq. and the procedural rules at MCR 3.101. Garnishment allows a … [Read more...]

Michigan Tenants by the Entireties

Inquiry: Can creditors of either spouse attach attach property owned by the entireties". I have read that real property owned by married couples in … [Read more...]

Michigan Lien Law

Michigan's lien laws can be found at Chapter 570 of the Michigan Compiled Laws. Links to the specific Acts are provided below. 570.101 - 570.105 … [Read more...]

Interest Rates Every Consumer Should Know About

Michigan interest rates are provided in Chapter 438 entitled Money and Interest. MCL 438.31 provides that parties may stipulate to pay interest up to … [Read more...]

California Debt Collection Practices – New Law Effective January 1, 2014

Inquiry:  "Hi, does a creditor have to take me to court to obtain a judgement against me in California? What gotchas should I be aware of? Please help … [Read more...]

A creditor has sued me, how do I stay out of court?

Question: I was approved for two credit cards from XXX, both obtained to purchase a TV in October of 2007. One card was around a $1,000 limit and … [Read more...]

Collecting on a Judgment – General Information

After fighting the battle to win the lawsuit, a new battle to collect the monetary award must be commenced. The commencement of this subsequent … [Read more...]