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Moving a Body from One State to Another After Death

If you want to be buried in a state other than the state of your death, you should become educated about your options. Advanced planning saves your … [Read more...]

Accountability of Personal Representative / Executor

Persons to whom money or property are transferred via a will / trust often wonder how to hold the executor accountable. Sometimes it may be the case … [Read more...]

Anti-Lapse Statutes

Most states have anti-lapse statutes. Black's Law Dictionary Sixth Edition defines 'anti-lapse statute' as legislation enacted in most jurisdictions … [Read more...]

Impact of Divorce on Will

The devise to the divorcee fails and becomes a part of the residue estate. See MCL 700.2801 Effect of divorce, annulment, decree of separation, … [Read more...]

Siblings Inherit Home Encumbered by Life Lease

Inquiry: My siblings and I inherited my grandparents home and my uncle has a life lease. My father, his brother, bought out this uncle and another … [Read more...]

Moving a Body from Georgia to Virginia

Inquiry: We live in the state of Georgia and we have burial plots in the state of Virginia. We would like to know if we can carry the body in our own … [Read more...]

What to do When Next of Kin do not Agree on How to Bury Loved One

I had a case where a decedent made out a Last Will and Testament directing their personal representative / executor to dispose of their bodily remains … [Read more...]

Michigan’s Peace of Mind Registry – Use it To Empower Yourself to Stay in Control

On June 19, 2012, Governor Snyder signed new legislation allowing Michigan residents to voluntarily register their health care directives and organ … [Read more...]

Will or Trust is Not Being Followed – What You Can Do

A frequent inquiry involves the death of a loved one who has a will or trust which is not being followed. Typically this is a parent with children and … [Read more...]

Moving a Body from Mexico to Washington

Inquiry: My mom has been deceased for 18 years. She is in Mexico. I live in Washington and I was wondering if it would be possible to move her over … [Read more...]