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Michigan Emancipation of Minors

Are you at least age 16 and want to know how you can become emancipated? Become Emancipated -- File a Petition The Emancipation of Minors Act  MCL … [Read more...]

How Long Can I Collect Back Child Support?

Do you want to collect back child support?  Do you owe back child support? A lot of parents think that since the child turned 18, they don't owe … [Read more...]

17-year-old Runaways: Not “Adults”, Not “Juveniles”, And Not “Children” – Michigan Law Leaves Parents Helpless

Wow, this is really interesting how Michigan laws treat 17-year-old runaways. They are not an "adult", not a "juvenile" and also not a "child" under … [Read more...]

Order for Grandparenting Time

Look to Michigan Compiled Law 722.27b for how to get an order for grandparenting time. Sec. 7b. Attention!  This is what is needed have standing … [Read more...]

Powers of Court in Child Custody Disputes

Michigan Compiled Law 722.27 Child custody disputes; powers of court; support order; enforcement of judgment or order. Sec. 7.(1) If a child custody … [Read more...]

Parenting Time Defined

Michigan Compiled Law 722.27a Parenting time. Sec. 7a.(1) Parenting time shall be granted in accordance with the best interests of the child. It is … [Read more...]

Joint Custody Defined

Michigan Compiled Law 722.26a Joint custody. Sec. 6a.(1) In custody disputes between parents, the parents shall be advised of joint custody. At the … [Read more...]

Best Interests of Child Defined

Michigan Compiled Law 722.23 “Best interests of the child” defined. Sec. 3. As used in this act, “best interests of the child” meansthe sum total of … [Read more...]

Michigan Starts Fathers at Disadvantage in Custody Cases

When a child is born to a man and a woman, the man and woman have equal rights to the child. If the man and woman separate, all else being equal, … [Read more...]

Is a Motion Required to Take a Child out of State when there is an Order in Place

According to the Michigan CHILD CUSTODY ACT OF 1970, MCL 722.31 Legal residence change of child whose parental custody governed by court order, Sec. … [Read more...]