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Landlord and Tenant Law every Michigan Renter Should Know

The landlord and tenant must be aware of the laws governing all aspects of the landlord and tenant relationship. The most important of these laws … [Read more...]

Security Deposit – Get It Back From Your Landlord!

Make Your Landlord Give Your Security Deposit Back. Is the security deposit Amount Legal? Is there a beginning and ending inventory … [Read more...]

Death Clause in Lease for Rental Property

Inquiry: My mother recently passed away unexpectedly at age 86. She was a 28 year renter of an apartment. After she died, I was notified by her … [Read more...]

Tort Liability of Landlord – Michigan Residential Property

Today, there are many exceptions to the common law rule that the landlord had no duty to make the premises safe. Generally speaking, a landlord is … [Read more...]

Landlord and Tenant Law – Secuirty Deposit – Maryland

Inquiry:  "I rented a room in a five-bedroom home in June 2009.  I paid my first month's rent and security deposit to the OWNER of the home.  After … [Read more...]

MI Damages Against Landlord For Unlawful Interference with Possession

According to Michigan Compiled Law (MCL) 600.2918, if a landlord puts a tenant out in a forcible and unlawful manner, or keeps the tenant out by … [Read more...]

Special Landlord-Tenant Provisions Based upon Medical Need

There are special provisions under Michigan law for tenants who cannot live in dependently. If your loved one requires residence in a senior citizen … [Read more...]

How to Evict a Tenant for Non-Payment of Rent

Generally speaking, the law is on your side when a tenant does not pay. MCL 600.5714 provides for summary proceedings to recover possession of … [Read more...]

Eviction for Controlled Substance Violation

Attorneys do well to advise their criminal defendant clients that their controlled substance violation could get them evicted. If the client is … [Read more...]

Tenant’s Breach of Lease

A tenant breached a lease by quitting the premises with more than six months left on her lease. She received an itemized list of damages to be … [Read more...]