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How Long Can I Collect Back Child Support?

Do you want to collect back child support?  Do you owe back child support? A lot of parents think that since the child turned 18, they don't owe … [Read more...]

Moving a Body from Mexico to Washington

Inquiry: My mom has been deceased for 18 years. She is in Mexico. I live in Washington and I was wondering if it would be possible to move her over … [Read more...]

Informal Probate of a Will

Inquiry: My aunt died in Michigan without a will. I am the only heir. She had only a trailer, a car, and other miscellaneous personal items. I filed … [Read more...]

My grand daughter is being abused. What do I do?

  When any abuse or neglect is suspected, it should be reported. If my grand daughter were abused or neglected, my goal would be to get the … [Read more...]

Reasonable Compensation for a Trustee

What is Reasonable Compensation for a Trustee?  In order to answer what is reasonable compensation for a trustee, first look to the trust document.  … [Read more...]