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Title Company Forces Married Persons to Take Title in Spouse’s Name

Inquiry: Can a married women in Michigan own property solely in her name? My daughter is in the process of buying a home in Michigan. The mortgage … [Read more...]

Adverse Possession

Adverse possession regards rights in the land of another. Acquiring property by adverse possession is analogous to acquiring an easement by … [Read more...]

Bankruptcy and Land Contract Forfeiture

Inquiry: What does a land contract vendor (seller) do when he has served an eviction notice upon the buyer for non-payment of rent, and the vendee … [Read more...]

Assignment of Land Contracts – Releasing the Buyer’s Responsibility

Inquiry: My husband and I are in a land contract for a house that we've been in for 12 years. We asked the owners if we could "walk away" and they … [Read more...]

Michigan Tenants by the Entireties

Inquiry: Can creditors of either spouse attach attach property owned by the entireties". I have read that real property owned by married couples in … [Read more...]

Time Limit for Filing Quiet Title Action

Inquiry: What is a quiet title action and what is the time limit for filing a quiet title action in Michigan? Response: A quiet title action is an … [Read more...]

Siblings Inherit Home Encumbered by Life Lease

Inquiry: My siblings and I inherited my grandparents home and my uncle has a life lease. My father, his brother, bought out this uncle and another … [Read more...]

Action to Quiet Title

Question: I bought 60 acres of commercial property ten years ago for $30,000.00. I did not file the deed with the Register of Deeds. The former … [Read more...]