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17-year-old Runaways: Not “Adults”, Not “Juveniles”, And Not “Children” – Michigan Law Leaves Parents Helpless

Wow, this is really interesting how Michigan laws treat 17-year-old runaways. They are not an "adult", not a "juvenile" and also not a "child" under … [Read more...]

Georgia Runaway Law – Especially with Regard to 17-year-olds

A Georgia 17-year-old could leave home but they may have to answer why if there is an allegation that they are a "deprived child" or a … [Read more...]

Moving a Body from Georgia to Virginia

Inquiry: We live in the state of Georgia and we have burial plots in the state of Virginia. We would like to know if we can carry the body in our own … [Read more...]

Safety Belt Laws

Did you know that you can get a civil infraction ticket for the improper use of a safety belt? In other words, if you are one of those people who … [Read more...]