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MAKE EASY MONEY Asserting Your Scanner Law Rights

A very frugal friend of mine told me that he rarely makes a trip to a certain retail and grocery super-center without the scanner incorrectly scanning … [Read more...]

Medical Treatment of Pregnant Minor

Inquiry: Hello, I have a very urgent question regarding medical treatment of pregnant minor that I need answered as soon as possible. If a … [Read more...]

Unauthorized Recordings – Eavesdropping

Perhaps you have wanted to record a phone conversation or video taped someone in your house, and wondered whether this is permitted by law. … [Read more...]

Urinating in Public

"UIP" Look to the city, village, or township codes to find Urinating in Public, or "UIP", a crime. Indecent Exposure:  The State of Michigan … [Read more...]

Erie County, New York’s Scanner Law

Erie County's Scanner Accuracy Law COUNTY OF ERIE LOCAL LAW NO. 7 - 1997 LOCAL LAW INTRO. NO. 9 - 1997 (PRINT #1) A LOCAL LAW in … [Read more...]

Unauthorized Recording as Evidence in New York

Inquiry:  "Can an unauthorized voice recording of my phone conversation be used in the court of New York against me?" Response: If it is the police … [Read more...]