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Michigan Emancipation of Minors

Are you at least age 16 and want to know how you can become emancipated? Become Emancipated -- File a Petition The Emancipation of Minors Act  MCL … [Read more...]

17-year-old Runaways: Not “Adults”, Not “Juveniles”, And Not “Children” – Michigan Law Leaves Parents Helpless

Wow, this is really interesting how Michigan laws treat 17-year-old runaways. They are not an "adult", not a "juvenile" and also not a "child" under … [Read more...]

Teen Marriage – At what age can teenagers marry?

Teenagers these days are empowering themselves with information. They want to know what their rights are. I recently had an inquiry about when a … [Read more...]

Runaway to Iowa

Inquiry: "Hi, my girlfriend is 17. She feels like her parents mistreat her (and I agree) and are not allowing her to leave. My parents and I want her … [Read more...]

Georgia Runaway Law – Especially with Regard to 17-year-olds

A Georgia 17-year-old could leave home but they may have to answer why if there is an allegation that they are a "deprived child" or a … [Read more...]

Florida Runaways

Florida's law prohibiting runaways to get help is illegal because the language is not clear in that it conflicts with itself. On the one hand, it … [Read more...]

Michigan Child Abuse Laws

Michigan Child Abuse Laws can be found in Michigan Compiled Laws: Michigan Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Act MCL 722.601 - … [Read more...]

To Spank or Not To Spank – Michigan Spanking

Inquiry:  Is spanking child abuse? Response:  It depends on your state. I live in Michigan and here, Michigan Compiled Law 750.136b of the … [Read more...]

Interstate Compact for Juveniles

The Interstate Compact for Juveniles has been adopted by all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, Guam, and the Virgin Islands. Discussion: The … [Read more...]

Michigan Curfews for Children

Michigan has curfews for children under age 16 and age 12: 10:00 p.m. at age 12; Midnight at age 16. MCL 722.751 provides that no minor under the age … [Read more...]