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Michigan Child Abuse Laws

Michigan Child Abuse Laws can be found in Michigan Compiled Laws:


  1. My ex-husband has been alleged to have given my 11year old autistic son, my daughter’s psych meds to”calm” him down because he was upset. My son professed this for the first time to me at his last psychiatrist appointment. More disturbing is that he stated it caused him ill effects and he had a difficult time breathing and instead of taking him to the hospital, his father gave him an inhaler because he was having a “party” and drinking. He also alleged his dad prior to this gave him a pill which he did not know what it was and it made him feel “drunk”. I am currently going through FOC for visitation and for other reasons his visits are being delayed. I do not have an atty and work face to face with the referee and judge on the case. At this point, I feel like he truly is a danger to our children. But i do not know this to be fact. My son is not a child that typically makes up stories, especially so specific. How do you think i should proceed?

    • Dear Lisa:

      Consider an emergency ex-parte order for temporary full legal and physical custody with no visitation. Consider also contacting Child Protective Services which would trigger an investigation. This is one of those rock and hard places that you are between. If you don’t take action, you could be failing to protect. If you do, you could be jeopardizing the parties and relationships involved.