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Michigan Child Care

Finding the right day care for your child is a grueling process so this blog item is dedicated to those who need assistance / guidance through the process. Thankfully, a Google search of”Michigan child care providers” brings up on top of the list of links, “DHS Finding Child Care in Your Neighborhood” –,1607,7-124-5453_5529_7143-20904–,00.html
From there, one can access a link “Find Licensed Child Care Centers and Homes”, which then brings up “Statewide Search for Child Day Care Centers and Homes”. From this point, search criteria is entered with the option to search child care in any desired city.

A list of providers can then be elicited and a click on the link of any specific provider provides detailed information including: Facility Information, Licensee Information, License Information, Days Open, Services Offered, and Reports Available. The latter detail is the most significant in that various reports are available as for example the most recent inspection report and any special investigation reports with the current status of the investigation. A client was recently was considering a provider until I found from the referenced links / information that the provider was investigated and violations were confirmed involving an infant turning gray while sleeping with CPR being administered by a provider who was not current with CPR testing. Another candidate had an adult residing in the home who had been using ecstasy while at the home and whose friend had hidden marijuana in one of the dresser drawers.

A parent should also be familiar with the licensing rules for the child care centers. These rules can be found at:
One suitable candidates are found, visit the location and assess whether the candidate is in compliance with the rules at that time. It could be that the Department of Human Services has not caught up with them yet, and while they appear to comply on paper, practically speaking they do not.

There is no substitute for Mom and Dad, but an arduous search will find the right person, and this search can begin with the links provided.


  1. Scott Johnson says:

    Question: After 4 years with our provider, she was very unfriendly and rude to my wife and 4 year old. My wife called her after reluctantly leaving our son. On the phone the lady started to yell at her and act strangely. We have never had a problem with her ever. It was so bizarre that my wife had to call my mom to go get our son to get him out of there. We tried to talk to her but she constantly interrupts and now she is denying everything. She never apologized and said it was because of some cold medicine she had taken. We never felt that it was safe for our kid to go back. Even though we signed a contract to pay her for two extra weeks, we feel she forced our hand to change because of her strange behavior. Do we have to pay her?

  2. Arizona child care says:

    I can attest from personal experience how challenging it can be to find the right care for your child when they have mental and emotional issues. Many facilities wont accept them or have a hard time controlling kids with special needs. I love my children and I want them to have the best care they can get. Now I have a nurse to take care of my children when Im at work because I can afford it. I hope the future can provide accomodations for children with special needs.