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Patient Access to Psychiatric Medical Records

Inquiry re Patient Access to Psychiatric Medical Records - HIPAA: A patient sees a psychiatrist for several sessions for diagnosed mental illness requiring treatment. The relationship with the psychiatrist ends poorly. The patient no longer sees the … [Read more]

Unauthorized Recordings – Eavesdropping

Perhaps you have wanted to record a phone conversation or video taped someone in your house, and wondered whether this is permitted by law. Alternatively, perhaps you have been the subject of unauthorized recordings, and want to know your rights. … [Read more]

Title Company Forces Married Persons to Take Title in Spouse’s Name

Inquiry: Can a married women in Michigan own property solely in her name? My daughter is in the process of buying a home in Michigan. The mortgage will be in her name only. The Michigan title company closing the transaction is directing her that if a … [Read more]

Moving a Body from One State to Another After Death

If you want to be buried in a state other than the state of your death, you should become educated about your options. Advanced planning saves your loved ones a lot of trouble and reduces the potential for legal disputes that could arise after … [Read more]

Adverse Possession

Adverse possession regards rights in the land of another. Acquiring property by adverse possession is analogous to acquiring an easement by prescription. To acquire a prescriptive easement, the use must be: open and notorious, adverse and … [Read more]

Dollar General: Possible Scanner Law Violations

A consumer at DOLLAR GENERAL recently informed me that "DOLLAR GENERAL IS NOTORIOUS" for scanner law violations.  When he asks for his price difference and bonus under the Michigan Shopper Reform and Modernization Act, "Scanner Law", they put up a … [Read more]

Dealing With Debt Collectors – “Accord and Satisfaction” or “Payment in Full”

There is a way to control how debt collectors communicate with you and at the same time, lay a foundation for a reduced settlement or an "accord and satisfaction" - "payment in full".  If you use the method, and the collector continues to contact … [Read more]

What is an Arraignment? Is a lawyer needed?

According to Black's Law Dictionary, an arraignment is a procedure whereby the accused is brought before the court to plead to the criminal charge against him in the indictment or information. The charge is read to him and he is asked to plead … [Read more]

Michigan Scanner Law Update

Michigan’s scanner law, effective September 1, 2011, is formally called the Shopping Reform and Modernization Act.   The law retains many provisions of the former Pricing and Advertising of Consumer Items Act .  The substantive change affecting … [Read more]

Scanner Law

The "Scanner Law" is something all consumers should be aware of. My law practice is based in Michigan and therefore, I write about the Michigan Scanner Law. A very frugal friend of mine mentioned to me that he rarely makes a trip to a certain retail … [Read more]