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Adverse Possession

Adverse possession regards rights in the land of another. Acquiring property by adverse possession is analogous to acquiring an easement by prescription. To acquire a prescriptive easement, the use must be: open and notorious, adverse and … [Read more]

Dollar General: Possible Scanner Law Violations

A consumer at DOLLAR GENERAL recently informed me that "DOLLAR GENERAL IS NOTORIOUS" for scanner law violations.  When he asks for his price difference and bonus under the Michigan Shopper Reform and Modernization Act, "Scanner Law", they put up a … [Read more]

Dealing With Debt Collectors – “Accord and Satisfaction” or “Payment in Full”

There is a way to control how debt collectors communicate with you and at the same time, lay a foundation for a reduced settlement or an "accord and satisfaction" - "payment in full".  If you use the method, and the collector continues to contact … [Read more]

What is an Arraignment? Is a lawyer needed?

According to Black's Law Dictionary, an arraignment is a procedure whereby the accused is brought before the court to plead to the criminal charge against him in the indictment or information. The charge is read to him and he is asked to plead … [Read more]

Accountability of Personal Representative / Executor

Persons to whom money or property are transferred via a will / trust often wonder how to hold the executor accountable. Sometimes it may be the case that a relative, who is the executor of a deceased family member's will / trust, withholds or delays … [Read more]

Anti-Lapse Statutes

Most states have anti-lapse statutes. Black's Law Dictionary Sixth Edition defines 'anti-lapse statute' as legislation enacted in most jurisdictions to provide for the testamentary passing of property to heirs and next of kin of the designated … [Read more]

Michigan Ticket Scalping

In Michigan, selling tickets for a price in excess of the general admission advertised or charged a.k.a. ticket scalping, is a misdemeanor (90-days / $100 fine). MCL 750.465 provides: (1) The owner, lessee, operator, or manager of each … [Read more]

Simple Steps to Expunge Record

There are simple steps to follow to expunge your record.  Expunging criminal records is addressed in Michigan Public Act 1965, entitled, Setting Aside Convictions, and codified at MCL 780.621 to MCL 780.624. Former Law:  According to the former law, … [Read more]

Easily self-publish your book!

Getting your book published isn't the daunting task you think it is, especially now that there are outfits like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing that allow you to SELF-PUBLISH. After much procrastination, I recently published a book for my mother, … [Read more]


Find the Michigan statutory law on garnishment and attachment at MCL 600.4001 et seq. and the procedural rules at MCR 3.101. Garnishment allows a creditor who has a judgment to take or "attach" property of the debtor that is held by someone other … [Read more]